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Ultrasound technology has been mainly employed in plastics welding.
The inherent mechanical properties of the vibrating component under stress have allowed for successful application of such technology in the food industry, and more particularly in food cutting.

These properties are such that, upon vibration, the specifically shaped vibrating element forms an air gap around the cutting blade and avoids direct contact with the food product, thus preventing greasy materials such as fat, sugar, honey and cream from sticking to or soiling the blade.

Such a mechanical behaviour affords precise and clean cuts, ensures rapidly repeated cutting and consistent product size/weight in the course of time, thus making the use of this technology almost mandatory.

Since the vibrating component plays a highly significant role throughout the procedure and requires particular care, its design is performed in advance so as to provide a functional, requisite item with a long shelf-life at an appealing price, and to enable the creation of various blade shapes and sections tailored to meet any application requirement.

Such a system, implemented by a complex automation, allows us to provide our customers with a speedy, easy-to-use, multi-purpose high quality food cutting machine.


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